Do you have an amazing story to tell? We have a background in documentary film production, and our desire to explore ‘unexplored’ territory geographically, emotionally and mentally is a strong reason why we do what we do.  Our documentary projects have ranged for a few minutes to feature length and have been screened all over the world. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and in our quieter periods will often complete documentary passion projects.

Our British director Steve was born in Papua New Guinea, and his documentary experience has led to work on jobs with companies from many sectors all over the world. We are always mindful in establishing a sense of impartiality to far-reaching and international projects. We can therefore lend a truly international viewpoint to projects that encompass numerous countries and must cut through geopolitics. 

For more structured documentary projects, we work with you from the initial concept to build your film’s assembly and hit all key points before shooting begins, so everyone is on the same page and thinks they are ‘making the same film’. For key interviews, we build question lists with the subject by working backwards from what we want to learn from them. We can then re-access these natural answers on camera during the interview, producing genuine unscripted explanations in plain English to make complex subjects accessible, and establish a true personal connection. As projects progress, we keep you updated with the rough edits so you can see your story take shape. 

By retaining footage rights from a significant majority of our previous projects, we have an extensive library of previously filmed material, along with subscription membership to several stock footage and audio libraries which can be used at no extra licensing cost. We can therefore add a great deal of extra value for money and are not always limited simply to what can be filmed on the day. 

Our team owns all the equipment necessary to complete a high-end, modern-looking film assignment, making us a true “one stop shop” for getting an exemplary film made on brief, on budget and on time. For 99% of projects, no additional kit hiring is required, and our equipment is insured for worldwide use. For small shoots, we keep numbers low with a crew of one or two – especially useful during a pandemic – and for more complex operations we would likely use a crew of up to four or five when necessary. 

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Check out some of our favourite documentary work examples below.

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