Science and Technology

One of our regular requests is to create videos for the science and technology sector, an industry which greatly benefits from a medium that is able to break down complex processes and explanations into easy-to-understand ideas.  Video is a fantastic way for leaders in their field to educate audiences across a wide range of platforms to create awareness, influence decision-making and build trust and engagement.  

Video Production services for Science and Technology performances based in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Being based in Oxfordshire we are near the heart of the science and technology sector in the UK. We have created numerous videos for the leading sites and campuses in the field, including shoots with UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), The Science Council, Createc, MRC Harwell, Technicians Make it Happen, Oxford Nanopore Technologies and even CERN in Geneva, so this is an industry we know very well.  

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