Aerial, UAV and Drone Filming

Aerial filming has become a hallmark of high-quality modern video, and the ability to get a unique perspective on your subject, whether it is a vehicle, person, building or anything else can be used to great cinematic effect. Aerial shots work especially well as scene-setters or establishers before cutting in closer to showcase your subject in more detail. They are a great way to bring your viewer in or out of a location, or show the scale of an operation. 

Aerial, UAV and Drone Filming specialists based in Oxfordshire.

We are licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly drones for commercial operations, and fly with full insurance and third party liability. Our drones can be used in many different environments and for a wide range of projects. We can provide the latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology, fully qualified pilots and widely experienced camera operators. We can choose the right size aircraft to fit the needs of your shoot and can gain permissions on your behalf to film in most locations.

We always begin by arranging exact locations on a map with the client and conduct a pre-flight survey. Flying is weather-dependent – rain, strong winds or freezing fog mean we can’t fly – so scheduling a ‘Plan B’ day based on the weather  forecast is always a great tip. On a sunny day, filming at ‘golden’ or ‘magic’ hour (meaning the hour closest to sunrise or sunset) can create beautiful shots with great colour contrast (warm oranges and cool blues and teals), so take this into account when scheduling if you can. 

We maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times and we only fly commercially with a minimum of two crew, so that one crew member can always act as our observer / spotter. We abide by all CAA drone restrictions and liaise with nearby air traffic control when filming near Flight Restriction Zones. 

We operate internationally and have shot in locations from Myanmar to Spain. The only limit to what can be achieve with aerial filming is your imagination!

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