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Video is fast becoming the main way a prospective buyer will view a property before committing to see it in person. We love working with top property developers and real estate businesses to showcase their commercial and residential properties. Property-to-let owners may need to sell or rent out their house, flat or apartment quickly, and serviced apartment owners such as businesses or entrepreneurs need to showcase their properties in a very attractive way. There is therefore a growing number of estate agents, letting agents, builders and property developers using video to improve the conversion rates of inquiries from potential buyers. 

A good video’s subtle and refined camera movements (and even music choice) allows the viewer to become absorbed by the property, show family and friends what it might be like to live there, and ultimately build the desire to make enquiries and learn more. Whether it’s a luxurious private address or a more modest dwelling, a sleek film can help your business market the space in the most engaging way and can provide customers with a unique virtual tour in a way that still photos just can’t compete with.  It also better illustrates and dimensions of a property and can come across as more trustworthy and less misleading than just carefully selected photography. 

Are you looking for a professional video to showcase your property or property business? 

Real estate videography requires special skills and special attention with every detail – carefully choosing which lens to use to frame each room, planning the time of the day in which you capture each of the rooms based on their position, and lighting and set-dressing spaces to make them look their most attractive before filming. We will often scout the property at different times of day before the shoot, work with a stylist to arrange the interiors, and then create pleasing routes, angles and compositions to get the perfect result. The resulting films can be used and formatted across multiple marketing campaigns and tools to generate more leads. 

for our Real Estate and Property Film Making we offer aerial filming and stills photography as standard, and can also arrange other specialist requests such as model and home stylist sourcing.

We offer fully licensed drone and aerial filming and photography as standard – for more details see our aerial filming page.

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