Welcome to Threefold Agency

Welcome to Threefold Agency

Threefold is an industry-leading friendly shopper media agency that connects brands, retailers and shoppers. They are part of Shopper Media Group (SMG) along with sister companies Capture and Lobster, and have bases in London, Manchester and Liverpool to oversee their brand partnerships.

Threefold wanted a short fun promo video to set up what they do and how they help their clients. This had multiple uses – it could sit on their website and be released on their social channels, but they also found additional uses by folding it into their away day video (which we also made for them) to inspire their employees, and also used it as part of SMG’s entry for the National Business Awards that year, which they won. It just shows that you can find endless ways to repurpose video content to promote your brand through both internal and external channels. 

Our video was made up of several components. In the Manchester Office we interviewed Managing Director of Threefold Sam Knights (now CEO of SMG) for an overview of the company, and in London we spoke to Partnership & Campaign Manager Katie Streeter-Hurle for an insight into how Threefold works with its clients. These were conducted as informal and unscripted interviews, and the relaxed tone really translates well to Threefold’s friendly brand. 

Next we visit each retailer partnership in a quick section of its own to show how they work. First is Shop Direct in Liverpool and an employee takes us on a tour of the office. Here we tried some ‘walk and talk’ sections using a radio mic and handheld gimbal, and again this added to the genuine, unscripted feel. Next is Mothercare in Watford where client Director Sean Crawford takes us though how they operate, and back to Sam to explain the Co-op partnership in Manchester.

The ‘secret sauce’ in this video is the client testimonials from Shop Direct and Co-op. Testimonials are great way to build credibility and trust with potential clients – why promote yourself when others can do it for you? People are far more likely to do business with a company if they hear that other people have tried it first and have had a great experience. These videos can therefore do a lot of the heavy lifting for your sales and marketing. 

People value authenticity in all forms, so the more genuine a testimonial sounds, the better. Think of those people you have worked with who would happily give up a few minutes of their time to talk on camera about what it’s like to work with your company.

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