Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique | Banbury 2019

Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique | Banbury 2019

In 2019 the most well-known car rally in the world returned to Banbury, Oxfordshire – the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. The UK leg of the rally started in Clydebank, Dumbartonshire ahead of the 1,500 mile rally to Monaco. Banbury was once again selected to host a Passage Control and a static display of vehicles throughout the town before the rally departed for Dover (the stop is a chance for the veteran vehicles to be serviced and for the drivers and navigators to take a rest and eat!) The town also hosted a display of classic and notable cars from major motorsport firms, local companies, classic car clubs and private owners.

We designed this as a fun 60 second promo to promote the rally from a local standpoint, and show the range of vehicles while they were stopped in the town square, so this was a great opportunity to capture some amazing cars that are not normally on display. After some quick establishing shots to show the location and Banbury Town Hall, we show crowds lining the streets as passers-by, amateurs and enthusiasts all trying to get a glimpse at the beautiful cars. The intricate dash boards, manufacturer brand badges and stickers from previous races made some fun focal points on the cars, and some also had the bonnets propped open revealing their engines. We also included a team of racers doing an oil change and some last-minute repairs before pushing on to Monaco!

We were able to shoot the whole video using a relatively lightweight setup on a manually-controlled counterweighted gimbal. Using high frame rates and a long 105mm lens we could get some lovely details of the car interiors, while wider framing and lens choice allowed for some stately push-ins and parallax movements outside. The overcast weather gave nice even natural light to the whole scene. Finally we used a wide angle to crane up and away from the scene to work as opening and closing shots, with rows of cars in the foreground and the town hall in the distance. 

This is a great example of how you can generate added value from classic cars even if they are not moving – they don’t need to be flying round a race track to be used for getting some beautiful images to promote your business.

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