Paris, France in 24 Hours featuring Hotel Secret De Paris

Paris, France in 24 Hours featuring Hotel Secret De Paris

Take a fast 24 hour cinematic tour of Paris, France, in 4K with our promo made in partnership with Hotel Secret de Paris. As this film was intended for the hotel’s social media pages for prospective travellers to see, we wanted to convey not only the luxury of the hotel but also the amount of fun Parisian sights that can be seen on their doorstep. The title was a fun hook we suggested to show how much you can do in 24 hours when based in the heart of the city. 

Tucked away in the Trinité quartier near Monmatre in the heart of Paris and just a stroll from the Grands Magasins, the boutique design Secret de Paris Hôtel & Spa is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway for adventurous couples. The design hotel offers all the creature comforts you could wish for in a luxury boutique hotel, and by night it’s the perfect place to prolong the magic of Paris nightlife. There is also a sauna, gym and massage facilities. Every bedroom is designer-dressed to conjure up some of Paris’ finest monuments, so you can pick your favourite from several themes such as the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, the Moulin Rouge and Opéra Garnier. In our film we showcase the Opera room, which is designed to be reminiscent of where the corps de ballet go through their paces. Over the bed is the Opéra Garnier’s trademark oeil-de-boeuf window, while mirrors, a ballet barre and satin pumps all add to the backstage ambiance!

We designed the film to be fast-paced, light-hearted and playful, full of kinetic ‘how-did-they-do-that?’ transitions to transport the viewer all around the city in seconds. Our film opens on the iconic Paris skyline as seen from the top of the Arc de Triomphe (insider tip: in our opinion this offers a much better classic view of Paris than the Eiffel Tower, as from there you can’t see the tower your are standing on as part of the skyline!) Next we whoosh down into a car, and catch glimpses of the city from the sunroof and windows. Soon we enter the Secret de Paris Hotel and climb the wonderful quirky red carpeted staircase complete with its pattern of keys and hanging lightbulbs. Next we enter the Opera room in all its glory, glide across the bed to the window where a female guest (our protagonist) opens the red curtain to reveal the bustling street below full of bistros, coffee bars and motorbikes. A dive into a whirlpool of coffee leads us via the metro (with its iconic green ‘Metropolitain’ signs) to the impressive gothic frontage of Notre Dame Cathedral. Pigeons swoop out of the way and the famous bells toll. Soon we are along the river to the Flame De La Liberte and The Louvre Museum, then crossing the Seine by metro to visit Les Invalides with its amazing golden dome and cannons within its cobbled courtyard. Next we were into the Paris Museum of Modern Art, diving into a Delaunay painting of the Eiffel Tower which morphs into the real thing. A zoom-transition sequence takes us from a wide view of the tower in the Parc du Champ de Mars to a close shot of the elevator ascending and a stroll towards the tower along a tree-lined avenue. Finally a trip to the Moulin Rouge Nightclub to see its famous windmill at dusk completes the day.

We kept equipment and crew small and light for this shoot, filming on the trusty Sony A7Sii handheld and using our motorised gimbal for steady sequences. We shot most of the film at 30fps and then slightly slowed it down to produce a nice, dreamy Parisian feel. Enjoy!

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