JetLev Flyer UK – Promo Video

JetLev Flyer UK – Promo Video

We were commissioned to create this fun short promo video for JetLev-Flyer UK in Bedfordshire, a unique water jetpack experience and one of the most exciting water experiences you can do in the UK.  You can try Jetlev-Flyer UK yourself at Ride Leisure Events, Wyboston Lakes near Bedford. These incredible personal flying machines combine a powerful engines and unique designs with water nozzle repulsion force to achieve stable, controlled flights. The beauty of these water jet packs is that everyone can fly, from the very young (6+ yrs) to the not so young, but young at heart. As the company says, “the best student is the one having the most fun”.

For this piece we knew we would need to get airborne to really sell the experience and thrill of water jet pack flying, so our DJI drone was the first thing we planned for. An on-site recce soon revealed that as well as being over water there would be overhead power lines to contend with not far from where we would be filming, so we had to take this into account when planning our aerial camera movements and keep well away from them. It is details like this that need to be noted when conducting an on-site recce before any aerial filming takes place.

Next we wanted to make sure we had an on-board camera angle on the machine for several flights, and we were able to rig our waterproof sports camera onto the Jet-Lev harness for this. This provided a great immersive POV of what it’s like to fly with the Jet-Lev. The third component was our land-based camera with a long zoom lens for getting some key slow-motion shots of the participants flying, and a few ‘hero’ shots of the jetpack and logo on land. With these three methods working together we were able to get a great result to promote the experience. 

At the same time we also filmed a short video the instructors could use in their training, and one for customers to watch as a pre-flight safety talk. This is a great example of how one shoot can often result in several useful deliverables if you plan what you need an advance. 

If watching the video makes you want to try Jet-Lev Flyer UK for yourself, then our work here is done!

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