Introducing Plan-Apps

Introducing Plan-Apps

Lobster Agency specialises in partnering with FMCG brands to harness the power of commerce marketing. They commissioned us to make an engaging and effective film to promote their flagship software Plan-Apps. So, what does it do?

Plan-Apps began with Lobster recognising a problem. It’s a very difficult job to work in shopper marketing for a client – you’re managing campaigns across a whole number of different retailers and brands, you’re an intermediary between hundreds of different people internally within the business, and they thought there’s got to be a better way of making planning and implementation of activity better. So they built it! Plan-Apps is a technology solution for FMCG businesses – it supports effective investment in commerce media and is a tool that is designed to support investment from budgeting right the way through to evaluation.

Lobster kept getting questions from their clients like “what is my ROI?” or “what is my uplift” – so they thought if they put all this knowledge in a database it would be great to give this very strong tool to their clients. It’s a tool that “demystifies” a client’s marketing campaigns, and aims to be the best operating system for commerce marketing.

On paper, this seems like quite a difficult topic to explain in a short film. So for this project we began by having meetings with the Lobster team and asked them everything they wanted to get across. From this we came up with a bullet point list of important points to cover, and they nominated various specialists in their team to talk about each section. We also created a list of ‘must have’ supporting shots that we felt would be a good representation of everything being discussed. 

On the filming day we kept things simple by going with an informal interview setting – this is much friendlier than getting non-actors to stare down the barrel of the lens. Once we had asked our questions to each team member, we repeated the most important ones to see if we could get the answers any shorter and more natural-sounding. Then we moved from a tripod to a gimbal to capture some nice slow-motion supporting footage (AKA ‘B-roll’) of the team, the software and the campaigns in action. The result was a great sales tool for Plan-Apps and is currently in use on the Lobster website.