Voices Across Time: Til The Boys Come Home promo film

Voices Across Time: Til The Boys Come Home promo film

“Unexplored Films have provided Voices Across Time with an outstanding service for the filming of two musical theatre productions. From the initial meeting to discuss options through the premier of the films, Steve supported us with a breadth of skills including logistics, budgeting and creative directing. The finished products are always top quality and every step of the process has been a real pleasure with Unexplored Films.” – Voices Across Time

Voices Across Time is an Arts Council-supported theatre group based in Oxfordshire that uniquely combines music, history and theatre in their original stage shows. With a focus on British history, they weave together the social, political and musical to deliver shows that remember the past, revive it and reimagine it on stage. Their aim is to create a community both on and off stage, with cast, crew and audience working in unison to create a social change through singing and watching together. As well as supporting local and national charities at their shows, Voices Across Time launched their Community Outreach Programme in 2018 which seeks to bring music and storytelling to the community in order to aid wellbeing, education and reach those who may not be able to access such experiences very easily.

We were commissioned to film the group’s recent show “Till the Boys Come Home”, an original musical that weaves a new story through famous real songs from World War One, including ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’, ‘Keep The Homefires Buring’, ‘Mademoiselle from Armentieres’ and ‘It’s A Long Way to Tipparary’. As well as the full event recording the group requested a short promo video to show what they do, and this was the result. 

For the promo video we came up with a mix of quite a few elements. There were interviews with the key crew to set up what the group is and does, documentary-style filming of the build-up to the night of the show in Banbury Town Hall, promo-style beauty shots of the signage, logos, props and set, footage from our full event recording to represent the show, and some vox-pop testimonials with audience members during the interval to really sell how moving and impactful the show was. The result communicates in three minutes the power of the show, and the group were over the moon with the results. The show likewise was a huge hit and may return in future years – for now, enjoy the promo video.

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